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Translations of Copyrighted Material [Portfolio]



As a newcomer to the platform, I am currently in the process of setting up my portfolio on my profile. I have a specific query regarding the translation of copyrighted material and the necessary procedures involved.


The content owner has given me explicit permission to translate their original material and showcase it in my portfolio, however, I want to ensure that I am following the proper protocols. Is there a formal procedure or documentation required to validate and demonstrate the owner's permission, or can I simply proceed with uploading it to my portfolio?


Thank you for reading and for any advice.


Best regards,

André Rabelo

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You must provide proofs after copyright owner claim about rights. I saw no requirements to provide it before publication.

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As long as it's your own work, it should be okay to post the results. But in my opinion, if it's someone else's work, it's better not to use it even if you have permission to show it

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