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Trouble getting new jobs in the last couple of months

Hey there! Hope you are all doing well. 
I'm creating this new thread to explain my situation and see if somebody else is experiencing the same issue. 

I've been working as a Freelancer on UpWork in the Video Editing/Filmmaking niche since December 2020 with great sucess up until the last couple of months. I've always had 100% JSS and %100 Client Satisfaction, I'm Top Rated and never had an issue getting new jobs up until now. 
This last couple of months I've been working with my regular clients as well as sending some new proposals. The issue is that I haven't recieved almost any reply to my new proposals, which never happened to me, I've always created some nice, detailed proposals and I was proud of getting replies in a lot of them, but now I'm basically not getting replies at all.
I thought that it might be something to do with just bad luck or the Filmmaking business being slow (I've seen the number of Jobs Found on the Video & Animation subcategory decline to ~8.000 all the way from ~12.000) but now I'm conviced that it's not just that.
I've spent about 300 connects sending new proposals in the last month and I've gotten just two replies, that was unthinkable to me 6 months ago. I used to get so many replies that I had the connects ammount always stuck at the maximum 200 with the Premium Profile and the connects I used to get with repling to interviews. Now I had to buy new connects because I ran out. 
(I'm bidding well but not wasting connects, I don't think it's the way I send my proposals nor the ammount of connects I spend on each)

Does somebody know what might be going on? Is it just me? 
Thak you so much to everyone taking the time to read this and have a great day.

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It's not just you, there's some bug in the system, some users here have sound looking theories of what it is but in any case we have to wait for it to be fixed. Because Upwork's business is all but stuck because of this too, they are more motivated than us to fix it asap, so let's hope it won't be long.

Thank you for your reply.
I figured something had to be wrong.

I'm curious why you think it is a "bug" causing fewer real and fewer value jobs to be available? Or am I misunderstanding your comment?

There aren't fewer projects at all, i have a full time project sourcer on my payroll and i can assert that quality and quantity of projects in the feed is just the same as it used to be, at least in my niche. Problem is that there are fewer interviews and even fewer hires on these projects. Because an untintended consequence of changes in bidding and boosting procedure led to abuse of the system resulting in much lower quality bids being more visible to clients than higher quality ones.

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Hi Bruno,

You are not alone,many many established freelancers are facing this issue from last 2-3 months,many of us have already raised this issue to upwork but unfortunately still waiting for corrective action from them.



Yes I can see...
Thank you. 

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I actually came to the forums to ask this exact question myself. I am feeling defeated since I went from having multiple contracts at once and being very busy each week to almost nothing right now. 

Hi Kristina,

We have already raised this issue with support and requested them to pass our message to senior management,most of the support team is not accepting this bug/issue but we know it exists and hopefully it will be solved soon.we are in the same mindset you are going through and lets hope for the best!.


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Hi Bruno, well I'm more or less facing the same situation (although I must say I only sent 3 proposals)

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