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Trouble of my profile name

Hi, community.


I am happy to ask you, kindness, again.
I have been doing some investigations to be successful on upwork. But found one weird problem, "legal name matching".
- My upwork profile name is "Alexey Gurtyakin".
- My name on visa is "Aleksey Gurtyakin".
- My name on ID card is "Алексей Гуртякин".
- My paypal profile name is "Gurtyakin Alexey Alexandrovich".


I added my credit card as billing method.

And I am going to add the credit card and paypal as payment methods.


In this case, there will be any trouble of "legal name mismatching" or something else? If yes, what should I do?


Looking forward to hearing your advices.
All the best.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alexey,


We implement guidelines when reviewing documents and the concerns you have raised regarding your name should not be a problem. If your name variation is not acceptable, our agent will advise you directly about the mismatch on your documents and will suggest editing your Upwork profile name to match your legal name. 


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Hi, Bojan.


Thanks for letting me know clearly.

So, once I add my credit card as payment method, your account support team will review the name matching. Then, since my name is Alexey Gurtyakin on upwork and Aleksey Gurtyakin on credit card, your team can recommend to change my name again. Well, is it right, please?

(Yesterday, I updated my name to "Alexey Gurtyakin" because when I signed up on your platform with gmail, it accepted the wrong name("Google Mail") from google account. 

My account is not verified yet.)




Hi Alexey,


That is correct, if our team needs any additional information, they will reach out to you directly and guide you further thought the process.

Thank you.

~ Bojan
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