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Trouble resubmitting my profile

Dear Ma'am,

I have the problem.i am unable to resubmit my profile . please suggest something right so that i can resubmit my profile, i will be very thankful to you,

Sincerely yours,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Merchant, 

I checked your account and can see that the team has sent you an email on why your profile needs to be edit. Please make sure that you only use your legal name for your Upwork account, making sure that your name is not in capital letters. 


When editing your profile overview, please also make sure to revise your profile for grammatical and spelling errors, and please also remove any external contact information on your profile overview. Once edited, you can resubmit your profile for review. 


Merchant, please also check Vladimir's thread - Getting Started on Upwork. There are several threads and blog posts cited on this thread where you can get tips on how to improve your profile. I hope this helps!


~ Avery
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