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Trouble with UpWork messenger?

Hi all, 


Has anyone experienced difficulty with UpWork messenger dropping messages?  I sent some work and a long explanation to a client around 3 pm today in several messages, and at 9 pm I received a message from the client wondering where the draft was.  When I checked my messenger, the messages I sent at three just seemed to have disappeared?


My first thought was that I must have done something wrong - not hit send (although there were multiple messages?), sent them to the wrong client (thankfully, not the case), etc., but I can't figure it out what happened.  I'm not ruling out the fact that the problem was on my end, just curious if anyone else has ever had a similar problem or if there are quirks about the messenger system I should know about.  Basically, I just want to make sure that if I made a mistake on my end, I don't keep making it in the future. 


Thanks so much for your help!!


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This has happened to me multiple times. I suggest you not to fully trust the messenger system.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chelsea, 

I checked this with the team but it doesn't look like it's a known issue. A member of the Customer Support Team will reach out to you directly so that this can be investigated further.

~ Avery
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