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Truncated/Cut Off Profile Display

In public view and editing view, my profile text is not fully showing.  About 50% is being cut off/truncated, even though I'm 1,006 words short of the maximum allow text.

Why is this happening???

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Retired Team Member

Hi Michael,


Are you referring to your profile overview? If yes, I just checked this on my end but was not able to view any problems with the text being cut off. 
Could you please share screenshots from your end with me via PM (click on my name)? Thank you.

~ Goran

To clarify...

1) I view my profile in "public view".    A short view of my profile appears as expected.


2) I click the "more" button underneath my profile so I can see my entire profile displayed.


PROBLEM, the entire profiles is not displayed.  Only about 70% is displayed.


I'll send you screenshots via private message in a moment.



What's the last thing we are supposed to see. I can view a long list of areas of expertise in my view. 

Perhaps Upwork truncates the view for users who aren't logged in as Upwork members? Or it could be that despite meeting the character limitations, the spacing is a problem? (Just making guesses) 

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The last thing I see is


"Prices starts at $120.00 (actual price depends on your particular needs & requirements)"


(Unasked for advice, so feel free to ignore) - it's way too long,

Edited to add: The above was in logged in view. In public view the last bit I see is "I HOPE TO WORK WITH YOU SOON! :)"


I actually see more in the public view than the logged in view.



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