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Trying to find a freelancer and getting totally irrelevant search results

I see this was complained about extensively last July and Upwork only gave lip service to the issue, but it hasn't been resolved. It's so frustrating. Even if I limit my search term to 1 word, I get totally irrelevant results. I guess I'll go check out Fiverr instead. Upwork, I would like to pay a freelancer and you would get a cut, but I guess as a company, you aren't interested in my money. This is the worst search engine I have used in ages.

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Yep, search is terrible.

But you can post a job and see who is applied. Maybe you can found good freelancer there.

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Hi Laura,


Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your feedback here in the Community. We totally understand that quickly finding the right talent for your project is essential. That’s why we provide you with several ways to filter your search results based on hourly rates, skills, feedback, availability, and more.


Filters are available in the box to the top-right of your search results. Click the dropdown arrow in the search box to use the Advanced keyword search to find talent with the skills and deliverables that your project requires. You can search for freelancers or agencies, and you have the option to search for those who have earned one of our Talent Badges.


You may want to review the articles listed in This Section for you to be more acquainted with how to effectively Search for Talents.


~ Arjay
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I don't doubt your experience.


But it does not match my experience.

As a client, I routinely post jobs publicly and allow freelancers to find my job posts and apply to them... and I ALSO search for freelancers with relevant experience. I'm sure that the freelancer search tools can be improved. But my experience has been that I have found freelancers that are good matches for my jobs.

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