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Trying to find a medical insider who can present my request with senior Lab Directors

I have loged onto Upwork and posted my request, but the system then kicked me out. There doesn't seem to be a human being I can talk with about my project and whether there are people qualified, well positioned and interested.


1) I would like help in determining the mode of action of a novel therapy that 1) mediates purine metabolism via the purine de novo and salvage pathways; 2) mediates ATP and Adenosine concentrations and adenosine receptor activation; and 3) determines the phenotype of both skin resident Langerhans cells and T lymphocytes. (less about determining the mode of action and more about taking my summary and framing it so that it gains the attention of senior Lab Directors.)

2) More importantly, I need someone who has the credentials and stature to work inside the scientific community to find a champion who is willing to listen and can open doors so this therapy gains the attention it deserves.

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I doubt you are going to find someone on Upwork to do this kind of work. I work with medical researchers, and the way this works is you likely need to go to whatever conferences are relevant to your field and do the appropriate networking to build a relationship with an investigator who is credible and has expertise in this area. 


There are some labs for hire, but they aren't on Upwork. 

Thank you for the timely response and recommendation. Best wishes, Matt Livingston

Hi Matt, could you please clarify what you mean by the system kicking you out. I checked your account and it doesn't look like there are any issues with it. And you're still logged in since you need to be logged in to post here in the Community. You can go to this page to access your job opening. From there, you should be able to invite freelancers to your job, or make your job public so that freelancers could see your job and send their proposals. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!

~ Bojan
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