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Trying to get a job since 1 month and did not land on a single job.

I have been trying to find a job since 1 month. Changed my job description several times to make it better. Took tests and added more of my portfolio to my profile. I don't have 90% success score due to not getting any job. Plus I tried offering less cost for jobs. Can anyone help me to understand where am I wrong?

Thankyou in advance.
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Hi Sana'a, It can take time and a lot of patience to get things going. I tried to take a look at your profile but it's set to private so I can't. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but is English not your native language? It is very good, but a few syntax things make me think it is not. I don't know if that might cause some concern with some clients who might fear that there could be communication issues. It's hard enough communicating effectively through the computer in the best of circumstances. But, someone else might be able to speak to this better than I, or how to work around that, if it even is an issue, I don't know. I would advise to create a good communication style that makes a connection with potential clients. More than promoting your skills or background, a personal connection can really open up a conversation. When you send proposals, ask the client about the job, try to start a conversation about it. This will help you both to know if you are a good fit for it. Don't under-bid. Quote your price for your work that is fair, because under-cutting your worth comes back to bite you in the end. Work out what is a fair deal for the work you do and stick to it. If you do good work and value it, you will attract clients who value good work, not cheap work. Don't take a job unless you are as positive as you can be that it is a good client. You can do this by talking with them, checking out any online presence they have, and vetting them. It has to be right for you too. And it has to be work that you are sure you can do, and do well. Mostly, try to stay positive. There are so many freelancers here, but you only need to find your little niche. There are so many clients here and I do believe we eventually find the ones that are meant for us if we don't give up. Best of luck to you and hang tough!

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Thanks a bunch Kate. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. After being active day and night in a search of a job for a month I got so depressed that I lost all hopes. Eventually I stopped searching for job in the past 4 5 days and due to staying in-active my profile have become private.

Hi Sana'a,


In addition to the helpful tips that Kate shared, please check out these blog articles to help you write winning proposals, improve your profile and tips on how to be successful on Upwork. Thanks!

~ Joanne
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Thank you for sharing this Joanne Marie.


I know that Sana'a's profile is probably not visible to anyone at the moment, but I have just looked at all the "Sana" profiles. The first four "Sanas" are called Abdullah, Ali ,Muad and Haithem; the other Sanas are interwoven with (to name but a few), Ryan, Syed, Mostafa, Giorgio, and Thomas etc. 


A very random search indeed. And I wonder what would happen if I was in fact trying to find Thomas (that particular Thomas). Would I have to search under "Sana"? 

I have just received a message that they have made my profile public now. Can you still not able to see my profile?

Yes, your profile is visable and I'm checking it out. I will give you feedback shortly.

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