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Turkey tax issue

i chose ACH as the pay method.Now, first of all, I will transfer the money to my US account in the wise application and from there I will transfer it to my account in Turkey.The problem I have in mind is, will I pay taxes when I transfer money from wise to my turkey account? And if I'm going to pay taxes, what kind of path will I follow.Thank you from now on.

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Hi Ali,


Please note that Upwork cannot give any legal or tax advise. In this case, I would suggest you consult a local tax expert and have them advise you specifically about your situation.


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thank you

There is an "Upwork Turkey" community group. Join that and the tax issues are well discussed. Yes you'll register yourself as an individual taxpayer and will create invoices / pay taxes. You don't have to use wise you can directly transfer into a USD account in turkey. 

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