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Two contracts for the same person?

Hey, guys! Just a quick question, courtesy of my current client - I'm currently in the latter stages of one project for her (i.e, the contract is still active), but she wants me to make a start on a second project as well. What we want to know is: can you have two active contracts with the same client at once, or do we have to wait until the first is finished before we can put a proposal through for, and activate, the second?


There are no rules which prohibit this. The user interface elements allow you to do this.


But I don't know that I would do this, as a freelancer.


I would want a client to end a contract so that I can see how she ends a contract, before I go into a new contract with her.


For example, what if it is a fixed-price contract, but the client turns out to be a person who asks endless revisions before releasing payment. I would want to know what before entering into a 2nd contract.


What if the client decides to leave negative feedback? I would like to know that before starting a 2nd contract.


But you trust her, then go ahead.

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