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Two different Profiles and details with same pic

Hello Upwork team,


I was going through some of the freelancer's profiles and was in a shock to find out two different profiles with different details like name, experience, and education but having same profile picture and portfolios.


I would like to know is this possible and is it under upwork law ? Do upwork follow any verification for the profiles ?


Let me know and I would like to hear about this asap.

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Hi Jyoti,

Thanks for your message. This is a violation of Upwork's ToS and will lead to account suspension. We always make sure that every account created is being verified to avoid duplicates. Any form of two accounts will be flagged and subject for suspension.

~ Jo-An


Oh I see, thanks for your response. Well, in this case, I suggest you to kindly check the profiles and verify those profiles more accurately as people are violatning these rules by following these mistakes or say cleverness.

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