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Two people in a message from my client?

 Hi! I'm confused! I noticed that, when I open a conversation/message i was having with a client, I look at the upper right area and there are TWO names there, as if i was talking to two people at the same time?


The icon of the message (when I'm looking at it from the main "Message center" page) also changed appearence, now it's TWO squares instead of one (one on top of the other).


This is very confusing. I tried to find answers in google and searching in here but found nothing.


Does anybody know what this is about? Thank you in advance!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ariadna,


It may be that your client has given another person permissions to be a hiring manager for his account, it that case both of them would be copied in the message thread and it's normal.

I hope this explains the issue. 

~ Valeria