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Two problem about refund

English very poor of client she translating typing in Google. 


I worked for her and approved milestone, but some extra money she has added. After job ended escrow refund request I got.  will JSS score affect for escrow refund if I accept?


Another problem she pressed refund button for a bonus $10. After pressed refund button she gave me $200 bonus. Will it affect JSS?

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If there is at least some amount paid on the contract (which I believe is the case here), your JSS should not be affected due to the refund. 

You should refund the extra funds in escrow. Also, it wasn't really clear, but did she pay you a bonus of $200 when she wanted to pay $10? If that is the case, you should also refund the extra money.

Refund alone will not affect your JSS.  

She paid full milestone $120. And bonus $10, She sent a request for $10 bonus.


I have worked him again, and send a bonus $200 when she send $200 bonus, 


she sends a refund for $10 (mistake)

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I am sorry, I am not sure what exactly happened.


But, if she has already paid you some money (+bonus), then a refund will not affect your JSS.


Also, you should refund any amount that was paid by her to you 'by mistake' (apart from what you agreed upon for the work delivered and the bonuses). That's the right thing to do.

Please check image



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@Zunnun R wrote:

Please check image



 No, hat will not affect the JSS.

As long as "something" has been paid the fact that you refund some portion has no effect.

The clients feedback, public and private, for better or for worse, does.


So i can accept the request for escrow refund without any tension? right?

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@Zunnun R wrote:

So i can accept the request for escrow refund without any tension? write?


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