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UK freelancer, operating from US

I have recently moved to the US from the UK.

I have two problems setting up my upwork profile:

1. The prefilled boxes (e.g. degrees etc) relate to US institutions/education levels, not UK, which means that I cannot fully complete my profile. How do I set up from the UK upwork site if I am in the US?

2. I am looking to offer services to UK clients, rather than US clients. Can I limit where I am visible, and also set currency as £ ratehr than $.


Really I woudl like to be operating through the UK based site, but don't know how to do that from the US

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Upwork's profile information is based on where a freelancer lives.


Not based on where a freelancer was born or moved from, or their nationality or ethnicity, or the country you prefer to do with business with.


If you live in the United States, then your profile location will identify the United States as where you live.


But you may post right at the top of your profile overview text: "I recently moved from the UK and I prefer to work with UK-based clients."


re: "Can I limit where I am visible?"


re: "and also set currency as £ rather than $."


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In addition to what Preston has said, you'll have access to a lot more jobs if you set your location to the U.S. 74 percent of Upwork clients are Americans, while only 7 percent are in the UK, plus there's a "U.S, only" jobs feed that the rest of us have no access to.

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