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UK freelancer using Citizen Card for the Identity verification badge?


I’m a UK freelancer and I’d like to know if I can use my Citizen Card for the Identity verification badge? I don’t have a current passport or driving licence.


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Avia,


This will depend on the freelancer location but the accepted documents will be listed on your end once you open the form to submit your ID.

To learn more about accepted documents check out this Help Article. Thank you. 

~ Goran
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Hi Avia,

I'm in the process of verifying my ID. I already verified years ago with video verification and have been with Upwork for 4 years and before that Elance-ODesk for 2 years. I have also paid Upwork thousands of dollars in Upwork fees but I still need to verify again otherwise my account will be suspended. My UK passport expired years ago so it wasn't accepted. I don't drive anymore so don't hold a driving license either. So... I applied for a UK Citizen Card recently – it's arriving in the post today. It's supplied by 'Citizencard' and endorsed by UK Gov. Home Office and the British Council of Police Officers. I'll let you know what happens. If Upwork still doesn't approve the CitizenCard I will have to pay around £85 to renew my passport.


Success! I now have my verification badge.

Upwork accepted my UK Gov. Home Office and National Police Chiefs Council endorsed 'CitizenCard'.


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