This is about an Upwork Payment of $24.32 which I haven’t received. I had notified your Upwork Team thrice and got these replies…


  1. The Upwork Team dated Nov. 30: Expected date of delivery Dec. 5, 2016
  2. Zirek Villacorte dated Dec. 7: If the fund is not showing after 8 days get back to us so can initiate a trace.
  3. Tommy N. dated Dec. 14: Please note; our bank has initiated the trace. They, in turn, send a notification to your bank for an update. I will not be provided an update until your bank responds. Please keep in mind, this process can take two weeks and in some cases, up to four weeks, as it is dependent on your bank to respond.



FYI, the withdrawal was initiated by Upwork with my approval. I had previous withdrawals using the same email and the same bank and I hadn’t encountered any problem. I’m receiving payment from other sites using the same information without any hitch. My perception is that your Upwork Team is not on track with the real cause of the problem. On the fourth week, I’m anticipating another adverse response like issues with PayPal, my bank, personal information, etc.


I would appreciate your favorable response to resolve this issue at the soonest possible time.


Best Regards.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Enrique,


I understand your frustration with the delay. However, there isn't much Upwork team can do at this point. The trace has been initiated and now we need to wait for the bank to respond and follow up about your transaction. The team will update you as soon as they receive reply for the bank.


We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria