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US$ Wire Transfer to Pakistan

I had a problem in Wire Transfer (US$) to pakistan

Recently I sent wire transfer to my bank account in Pakistan(Bank Islami)

But it returned to Upwork : the reason was the intermediate bank 

Intermediate bank only intimiated but did not transfer the funds to my bank.

Querying upwork support, there were also not able to help .


I can transfer money in my local currency but I want to transfer in US$ to a pakistani bank (for better rates)

WHAT I NEED TO KNOW (from any body in pakistan)is


I want to open a new account in some bank to which I can transfer money in US$. so any one who has already transferred wire Transfer (in US$) to a pakistani can let me know the name of bank which is best for Wire transfer in US$.  Is Allied/Askari good for that also?


STandard chartered is not the option for me as that does not have a branch in my city


Thanks in advance

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Waqas,


I hope freelancer from Pakistan who have experience with the wire transfer payment method follow up soon and share their suggestion regarding the banks you can use. In the meantime, please follow the instructions our Customer Support team provided and respond on one of your existing tickets if you have any questions.

~ Vladimir
Community Member

any success in this issue ? transfer $(wire transfer) to pakistan FCY(USD) account? 
I am facing same issue.

Hi Israr,


I checked but don't see any recent withdrawals on your account. Could you please clarify which transaction you're referring to? If you're looking for general information regarding Wire Transfers you can check out this help article. To know if a payment method is available in your country, go to “Settings,” then “Get Paid,” and choose “Add Method”. All of your options will be listed there.


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