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USD to Argentina accounts

Please add the option to send USD  to USD dollar accounts in Argentina. Currently it can only be sent in ARS (or at least I see only that option in "Direct to Local Bank")


Recently, the Argentine authorities have enabled the option of international transfers in dollars without the need to convert them into ARS. Previously it was necessary to receive ARS.



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Hi Hernan Dario,


You should be able to see a US Dollar Wire Transfer option under your Payment methods and that would allow you to withdraw your earnings in US dollars. You can find more information about it here. You may need to check with your bank and/or local tax adviser about any tax or other legal obligations you may have when receiving your earnings.

~ Valeria
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Hello Valeria

Sorry for my English. As Hernan rightly said, many argentinian freelancers have the possibility to withdraw dollars from our bank accounts in Argentina. Why don't analyze the possibility of adding this option to the "Direct to Local Bank" keeping the currency?



Hi Jonathan,


Thank you for your message. As mentioned by Valeria, you may want to check a US Dollar Wire Transfer option if you would like to transfer funds in U.S dollars to your bank accounts in Argentina. You can find more information about it here


Thank you,



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