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UW Live Chat Support to the rescue

The UW support teams take a beating around here on a regular basis, so I feel compelled to share the experience I just had.


Received an invitation to interview for an ongoing assignment which seems a perfect match for my skills and my schedule, truly one of the very best opportunities that has come my way in 18 months on UW. I took more time than usual to respond, commensurate with the value of the opportunity. Sometime later, I noticed that I boneheadedly forgot to click 'send' so I did. Nada. Scrolled to the top and saw a message in red: "This is not an invitation" displayed immediately below the heading that said "Invitation". Clicked on "Back to Invitation" (but not before copying my pearls of a cover letter to a blank Word page--this cabbage didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday). Fixed it all up again--set milestones pasted the cover letter back in, discovered answers to specific questions had autofilled, uploaded writing samples again. Clicked 'send' and got the same result. In the interest of thoroughness, I did it all again before running for help.

I got Live Chat help with no waiting. Within about five minutes (maybe less), the support person checked into it, sent the proposal for me, and sent me screenshots verifying it is now in my Active Interviews folder (or whatever that's called).

UW Support for the win!

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Phyllis, CS staff are just like FLers - a few diamonds among the dross.  And thise rare diamonds are priceless. 

Phyllis --


Thanks for sharing a worthwhile report of competent and truly helpful customer service!

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Good for CS!


I have not had many interactions wit Customer Support, but I must admit (as I have done before) that the few times that I did need something from CS, the service I had received was outstanding. All of my concerns were always handled professionally, efficiently, and mostly within a matter of hours.    

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I don't use live chat that much, but their phone support team has saved my life on a few occasions. 

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