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Ugh, what did I do? Time? Billing?

So...as I understand things, billing goes through Sunday...but 23:00 Sunday...I don't think I understood that this was "UTC" or somehow that item just passed me by. Honestly, this is the first I've had to look into it as I have only been on Upwork for a month and all my other projects (until this one) were Fixed Rate.


So...for me right now it's 5:41 Pacific time.


This...UTC thing (live and learn) says, according to a Wikipedia countdown clock...Monday, 01:41.


So am I correct in this, and I hope this doesn't sound truly dumb, but numbers have never been my thing...I just now finished working a second hour. I see only one hour on my Weekly recap which I was sent a notice is now available. This second hour doesn't show. This is all correct...right? This other hour isn't technically Sunday. It's Monday. So that's why I don't have this hour for this past week (ending Sun., Dec. 3). I...think?


Good grief. Note to clients: hire me for anything...unless it involves math.



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Very likely. 

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