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Um - I don't even know how to describe this ?!

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Jennifer K Member Since: Jul 22, 2013
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I've been a while now here at oDesk and everythings fine.


But something happened today and I just have no idea how to handle this.


I had a client. We started a contract on January 14 and he told that he would provide me with all the information, login data etc latest on January 19. I told him before the contract started, that I wouldn't be able to work on January 22 due to the movement of my office.


He didn't provide me with anything until the 19th - but we all know how this goes, right? Clients who forget about their freelancers, etc. - I didn't worry about it.

He sent me the information I needed to start working on the 20th during the evening hours and another message on the 21st in the morning, asking, if I could just confirm that I got the message (we all know how odesk has been having problems during the last weeks) and I replied right away, telling him that I read the message and that I am sorry, but I already packed all my stuff, since he didn't contact me on the date he said he would, and that I could start working on the evening of the 22nd or during the 23rd, if the movement goes well. He replied that everything is okay and it's not an urgent task, etc.


Well the movement didn't go well - everyone from Germany will know how great the movement service of the telekom (internet provider) is. He sent me a really nasty message on friday evening how I am not meeting my goals etc. etc. On saturday morning, before I could even reply, he sent me another message how lousy I am etc. etc.

I replied and made clear, that I have always told him, what was going on and that this whole thing started the way it was, because he didn't provide me with the information on time and that I am willing to work, could work immediately, said I am sorry for any misunderstanding that has happened (polite sentence I always use) and that he just has to know, if he wants me to work or if he doesn't.


No reply. No message. Nothing

So I sent him a message last night, that I just tried to log into the account he created, because I wanted to do one of the tasks without tracking the time just to bring down the heat of the situation, but it's not even working, So i send him a message, saying that the login data he provided me with is not working.


No reply. No message. Nothing

Contract was closed this "morning" at like 3:30am without a message or anything.


I thought ok it's probably better this way since he's been obviously pretty difficult.


And just like 30 minutes ago I received an email from odesk saying this:


**edited for Community Guidelines**


I've had one issue with the support team before on a total different case and I am just wondering - is that what they are doing? I feel like in Kindergarden right now. He's not responding, closing the contract, no payment was made, and 14 hours AFTER her closed the contract he runs to odesk and whines about it when everything was clearly fine and he would just have to respond to my message? And I may get any account interruption because of that?


What am I supposed to do in the future on a case like this? Running to the odesk support because the client didn't deliver the information on time and I lost money and time because I've been wanting to start working and denied other projects, etc.?


I am so super mad right now - what am I supposed to do now?




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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Send Odesk screen shots of your attempt to reach him, and go from there. No point being mad about it. There are clients out there as well as there are flakey contractors out there.


You stated you told him you were moving as well as you tried to contact him once you got moved. Send screenshots, or direct Odesk to your Inbox if you communicated here on Odesk.


I might suggest since you know Odesk emails has been kind of undependable that when you take on a new client you ask for Skype ID, their email or some other way to reach them in case. It would solve the problem of Odesk issues.