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Un-acceptable factors for calculation of client satisfaction on contractor profile.

Here odesk suspend many of 5 star contractor account. Just because their client satifaction score is below acceptable, And how they calculate client satifaction is totally misconception.


here I want to discuss some points in front of odesk community.


Factors that measures client satifaction:


1. If contract is end without any money transaction Then It will impact - client satifaction score of contractor profile.


Reason for misconception about this factor: Like it happens with almost everyone, But here if I take my case to discribe you, I have more than 5-6 contracts that started and ended without any transaction. And the reason behind are:


a) Client never respond and suddenly end contact with his change of mind.

b) After completing the work client stop responding and this may lead to end of contacts with no transaction.

c) Client is no more interested in the work and may we he/she want to follow another approach.


2. Another factor for calculation of client satifaction rate is long term contracts.


Reason for misconception about this factor: What is the meaning of freelance..it means its a freedom of work that is work from anywhere, anytime to anyone.


So odesk stricts his contractors for work on long term contract. Its a contractor wish /many of contractor like to work on small projects and because they are student , lecturer or may be in any proffesion and want to work part time as a freelancer.


3. Public or private feedback:


Reason for misconception about this factor:  What is the meaning of feedback? Feedback helps other clients to select the appropriate contractor for their project based on their previous feedback. Then Why there is public or private feedback ?It can mislead other clients because they can not able to see the original feedback. feedback that is visible to other clients is fake in one sence. I think there should not be need to ask clients for private feedback. Client can share it publically. Because other client also get help from it. Also there is no reason for client to hide its feedback from public or his contractor. Is that horible for client to hide his feedback(private feedback)?  from his contractor. Client is free to share its feedback. If client feedback hurts contractor then there is other freelancers available for work. For client no need to worry.



3.Contract end by the freelancer:


Reason for misconception about this factor: Many of client forget freelancers and their contract after recieving work. And other clients notice these contracts as ..freelancer have many jobs in process or it means freelancer is busy.

So it force freelancer to end that inactive contracts and it leads his/her profile to low client satisfaction score.


4. Contacts that ended with no feedback and comments.


Reason for misconception about this factor: Many of contacts were ended without feedback. because client is not interested in all that feedback kind of stuffs or may be he/she is very busy. SO is there any fault of freelancer ? 




Many of the skilled 5-star freelances who worked hard to made his/her profile good and experienced from many years are suspended from odesk. Just because of these un-acceptable factors. It is really no justice with these freelance.


Odesk is trying to improve platform from establishment of odesk(more than 12 years). then how can they assume that silly factor. Its unbelieable. 


I would appriciate opinion from odesk community. May be you think differently. 















Hi Abhishek,


1. This is a point where I have no experience. I have never had a contract end without a payment of some sorts. But then again, you may work in a different field. I complete my contracts within a timeframe that usually doesn't give the client time (even if they wanted to) to modify/close the contract.


2. Long term contracts depend on the business you do. But I agree that it should not have an impact on your score, given that many people don't need long-term work, and agree about your definition of freelancing.


3. Agree - I am not sure why there is such a thing as private feedback. I filled out an an evaluation for a job that I completed yesterday, and was wondering what the questions were that clients had to respond to. Were they the same as mine? For example, we're asked if we would work with the client again on a scale of 0-10. I always put in 10 (unless they were dorks). If the client only needed a one-time contract, and had no intention of coming back for my services, they could potentially give me a zero (if that is how they interpret the question), not because I wasn't good, but because they'll never need my services again.


4 (your 3.2) - FREELANCERS SHOULD NEVER CLOSE OR HAVE TO CLOSE A CONTRACT. oDesk needs to learn this. WE didn't open the contract, the CLIENT opened the contract, and it is thus the CLIENT'S RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to close it. PERIOD.


5. Again, this doesn't apply to me because its never happened to me, and I couldn't fathom it occuring, but then again, might be due to your business that you do.


My 2 cents (US - 2.5 cents Canadian 😉


> After completing the work client stop responding and this may lead to end of contacts with no transaction.


This is happened to me several times. I did the work but they did not pay.


>Client is no more interested in the work and may we he/she want to follow another approach.


There are many who get frustrated and leave.


long term contracts. 

People do not hire me for long-term contracts. My work is typically 3 to 4 months. some people expect results within one month.


>Public or private feedback:

I think this is a major indicator. I call it the passive aggressive indicator. They don't want to go on record, but they say nasty things. 

In my business, if the rankings go up, your a hero. If they go down, you're a bum, 

even though we have no control over the rankings.


> Many of client forget freelancers and their contract after recieving work.

This has happened so many times.

I think some people do not close out the job, because they're thinking there might be some future work, and I want to have a contact with this person. It's difficult to continue a relationship with a freelancer on Odesk. It's difficult to find a freelancer that you did business with on Odesk. The system is complicated. I've had many clients tell me, that they can't find what they want. 


>Contacts that ended with no feedback and comments.

Sometimes they leave no comments because, they don't want negative comments on their record. 

One of the major problems with an Internet freelance website, is the expectations are often different than the result. The client may not have spent a lot of time defining, even in their own mind what they wanted.  There are many reasons why they have expectations that exceed the results. Often the scope of the project is much greater than they anticipated.


What was you client satisfaction score? 

Hello joe,


Thanks for your opinion.


My client satisfaction score is 67%.


And may be the reason behind it is I have many contracts that end without any transaction.


some of client failed to pay after recieving work or some do not respond after hiring.


And also I don not work on long term contracts because now a daysI am busy in my studies.


So I realized that my client were always happy with my work. But factor that calculate my score is affecting my score. 




These stats are nonsense. They are arbitrary, capricious, and not well thought out. If you must have two contradictory systems, determine which metric is most important and highlight that one. I look at a freelancer and see that he has 4.99 stars, but the larger metric that screams out at me is he only has 70% customer satisfaction. I'm not hiring him.  There is a whole lot of data available for me to determine how he got his stars. I can view how well he performs in 5 separate categories and determine if he's a good fit for me.  Or I can trust oDesk, the organization with whom he interacts on a daily basis.

There is absolutely ZERO explanation for the customer satisfaction rating. It is entirely opaque and apparently intentionally so.  If I trust oDesk then I'm going to defer to oDesks's judgment as to whether the potential freelancer will make me happy. And that is what most clients do.  This is WRONG on so many levels.  oDesk likes to speak about transparency and productivity. This runs completely counter to those principles.


Privately, as a way for oDesk to oversee individual freelancers, and maintain quality control these ratings may make a whole lot of sense. oDesk can probably hire quality control personnel to ensure freelancers live up to oDesk standards, and they can use this metric to evaluate freelancers, so long as oDesk implements a system where freelancers are allowed to challenge negative/private feedback.  Providing two separate--contradictory not complementary-- systems by which to evaluate potential freelancers is absolute nonsense.  Dropping all of this on clients is a disaster.  Forcing clients to be quality control is a sure and certain way to destroy a platform.  Clients have no training in quality control, have different methods of evaluating, and different value systems.  Good for Client A is horrible for Client B.


Freelancers should be spending more time working, than attempting to figure out oDesk's arcane systems, and micromanaging profiles for fear that any interaction, positive or negative (because as it isn't spelled out I have no way of knowing whether something my client considers to be positive counts as negative in oDesk's algorithm) will cause my rating to decrease.


Even the deployment and application is lacking and substandard. They could have made it not a percentage but a point scale. So this freelancer has 890 customer satisfaction rating out of 1000, as opposed to an unexplained and unparsable 89% customer satisfaction rating. This is the Windows 8 governance approach. Make actual work-flow changes that affect core consumers and ram it down their throats. We know what's good for them. That didn't work so well for MS, they had to change CEO's to address that. Windows 8’s problem wasn’t customer resistance to change. It was MS altering workflow, to the detriment of millions of every day work warriors. Making it more difficult to do my job is not going to result in high levels of adoption. It's probably going to work the same way for oDesk.


oDesk should listen and let clients tell them what they want (as MS eventually had to: see Windows 10). A client happiness score is not a good metric by which to evaluate freelancer competence. Satisfaction is too inchoate of a criterion to base a business around. That’s an advertising metric, not a productivity, or competence metric. Even companies that pride themselves on customer satisfaction don’t measure performance using customer satisfaction metrics. People are satisfied by different things, culture and upbringing come into play here. Also, some people cannot be satisfied.

Sometimes a company has to know when they've gone too far, and are doing something counter to core philosophies as well as counter to the productivity of individuals upon whom their success rests. This is one of those times. oDesk should realize that changes that reduce productivity are not good for anyone.



Most freelancers work very, very hard to ensure that their clients are satisfied. They shouldn't be publicly shamed because a client acted unethically and they took appropriate measures to address his issue. 


I work as a paralegal. It is illegal to give a client legal advice. I explain that to a client and he still persists. I terminate the contract. That gives me a low customer satisfaction rating. That makes absolutely no sense. The ratings SHOULD NOT be skewed in such a way that the 20 clients I actually did work for who expressed their satisfaction with and endorsement of my work product by taking the time to leave a five-star rating count LESS than clients who behave unethically and are terminated (with refunds). oDesk really shouldn't be putting anyone in the position where the choice is: make the client happy and go to jail, or make the client unhappy and curtail your future earnings.


The stats also serve to penalize oDeskers who have developed efficiencies in their areas of expertise that allow them to work faster, and thus do more jobs. The more jobs you do, the greater the likelihood of you running headlong into one of the arbitrary criteria that negatively affects your client happiness score. So oDesk penalizes the people who make it the most money. That's a pretty good way to retard growth.


This whole system needs to be either rethought, made private, or done away with. I don't understand how oDesk doesn't understand that its job is to increase productivity, not erect new hurdles to productivity and force everyone to spend more time minding their metrics, as opposed to doing actual work.



oDesk should probably implement a probationary period for newbies.  An oDesk Sandbox of sorts.  


I have only had one negative interaction on oDesk and it was with a new client. That client didn't understand how the system works and  I was forced to give them a negative rating.  They gave me my only non-five-star rating.  I now refuse to work with new clients. I know quite a few freelancers who've had similar experiences.


So oDesk needs training wheels.  A place where new clients and new freelancers can get an understanding of how oDesk works.  10-20 jobs so they understand how everything works, they get ongoing feedback from mods, or quality control, and then they get pushed out into the real oDesk world and everything counts.  That would be a better way to enforce and encourage standards for everyone on oDesk.



Very well said, Chad! You have really penetrated  to the heart of the matter with your legal mind 

Thank you Leila.


This whole thing needs adjustment.  Better we speak up and are thwarted than our silence implying consent.

Couldn’t have articulated it any better, Chad!

Having some sort of sandbox for new clients and contractors can make things sooo much nicer for the overall ecosystem compared to this matric that does no good but to only confuse the clients.

What should a potential client think if he sees two contradicting metrics the 

1) conventional feedback and 
2) this new client success rate. 

If I as a client am presented with such information I would lose trust on the platforms rating system and start looking for something that is more transparent.


The system is entirely unfair because they changed the rules in the middle of the game.  For instance, I never accept payment when the client is unhappy.  Now, I am being punished for that decision.  The new Job Success rating encourages bad behavior and punishes good behavior.  You can't please everyone, so not accepting payment is the best way to handle that.  Now, we will be punished for that.


oDesk does nothing to protect employees.  They allow dangerous jobs to be offered.  I almost lost my PayPal account when a client did something illegal.  Once I understood what had happened, I realized the job post asked me to do something illegal, but oDesk allowed the job to be posted.


They also allow useless job descriptions to be posted like, "I need somone to do some work for me."   If it's under one of the writing categorie, I know it's some kind of writing.  Someone needs to train employees, and make sure they are providing necessary information.  There are job descriptions that specifically ask for term papers, etc.  That is morally wrong, but oDesk allows such job postings.  If they're going to punish us for getting into trouble, they need to do something about employer postings for jobs.


It's easy to game the system.  I am sure that many do on both sides of the employment fence.  Silly me.  I just tried to do a good job and treat people fairly.  My bad.

Hi Randee,


There is nothing wrong with refunding your client if the work is not acceptable. However, if delivering unacceptable work and refunding the money to clients becomes a pattern, it will reflect in the Job Success score.


As for your second point - you are correct, and in upcoming months oDesk Team plans to do more for improving clients' behavior and the quality of the job postings.

~ Valeria

This is really bad bahaviour of odesk. They have applied the new system at middle of the game. I have a friend. He was working on odesk with 95 jobs done with  4.88 star rating. 


He has done same thing as you have done. He return some payment to clients that have not rated well. But Now ask odesk change the system. He effected and his account is closed. Yesterday he told me that he has $822 on odesk but they are not responding about that and they have written that there is not gurantee that you will get the payment because of policy violation and more causes. 


They are doing lot of more then this. All is not in favore of Freelnacer. 



Hi Ibtisam,


Your friend has to communicate with support via the ticket to clarify all the issues. We will not be able to share any details about your friend's account suspension here in the Community.


Thank you for understanding.

~ Valeria

I've had the same experience with vague writing job descriptions.  I made the mistake of applying to a couple of those jobs, was contracted, and then told I wasn't chosen.  My success score went down considerably.  Had I known the type of writing needed, I would not have accepted the invitation to apply.

This would have been so helpful!  I've only been on oDesk since November, and I made a lot of mistakes with accepting/deleting contracts.  I have learned the hard way 😞

Couldn't have said it better myself - Thanks!! Excellent and accurate post.

@Char R


I feel you. You had all my thoughs especially when you pointed out on the probabationary period for newbie freelancer and clients.


I hope oDesk will critically consider your points and do something on their algos.

Chad, you could not have said it better! Perfect. Should start your own thread with this.


I was about to start a new thread on the subject, but after reading the Thread Owner's Post and Char. R's comment. Both have nailed the problem on the head.  There are so many Freelancers who are experiencing this and till now are waiting for answers.


We do acknowledge that there are Freelancers who intentionally tries to keep his Feedback and Rating high by simply refunding clients.  ( which is also a factor for Low Job Satisfactory) and or has been victim of scheming and scamming clients.


But then again how can the system differentiate the good from the bad, the intentional from the unintentional? As pointed out, Clients sometimes forget or just lazy to end finish contracts or Abandon the Contract all together and can no longer be heard from. 


This thread is almost 3 days old and yet we still haven't seen any reply form oDesk moderators.  Is this also intentional???


Valeria K. . Garnor M. Could you please enlighten us here?


Or are we being left here to speculate?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All,


We appreciate the feedback and suggestions you provided on this thread and we are sharing it with the Team so we can make sure the feature benefits both the clients and the freelancers the most.


I would like to point out that whichever party ends the contract has to provide the Reason for ending the contract and information about how likely they are to recommend the freelancer/client to a friend or collegue along with public feedback. The other party has 14 days after the end of the contract to do so as well. The information about why and how the contract was ended and the recommendations is an important indicator for job success regardless of whether or not money has been paid or work completed.



~ Valeria

Hi Valeria


Thank you for those points you mentioned, but it does not answer how a freelancer would go about Clients who 1. Completely abandon the contract for one reason or another and does not reply to communications. 2. Clients who after receiving "Finished Work" don't reply to communications and or too lazy to end the contract and forgets all about it. Whether he paid if full, partial or did not pay at all. Clients who fall off the grid without leaving any rating or feedback despite request.


With all of these, Freelancer are more on the loosing end in terms of Job Satisfaction rating regardless if the freelancer has high if not exceptional Feedback and Star ratings (assuming no fault on Freelancers such as Refunding clients to avoid bad feedback and low rating)


Glad and sad to see I'm not the only one confused by the new system.  After a very long "chat" with oDesk support today, I think I have it figured out, so I'll share (please excuse me if it sounds facetious):


There is a mystical, secret algorithm that cannot be seen, defined, or explained... but it exists... Have faith, folks, even though you can't check that it's calculating properly or learn from it how to improve, it is all-seeing and all-knowing. Just believe.  And if you can wisely predict and choose ONLY clients who will complete the contract and then pay, and if you freelance in an area suitable for long-term clients, and if you can keep those clients happy in ways unknown to both you and your clients (i.e., despite telling you they are happy through their feedback)—then, your score will become wholy...I mean whole.


Suggestions and questions:


I received an email that basically said, "If you complete your profile, you'[ll get a top-rated badge."  I completed my profile. Done, easy.  (OK, still waiting for the badge...)

Why not similarly tell me SPECIFICS on how to improve my success score?


Since I am not aware of any disputes, compliants, or missed deadlines, I focus on "successful completion of work, public and private feedback, long-term client relationships...and more."


"Successful completion":

Like everyone else posting here, I'm not clear what is "successful completion." It seems to imply that we started and finished to our clients' satisfaction.  So if the contract never started, it should not count. If not paid (and no disputes, complaints, etc.), seems this is the clients' problem.  Penalize THEM.  If there is something I can be doing better, TELL ME!  I can't fix what I can't identify!


Today I closed a contract that oDesk suspended since July 2014.  The client has not responded to a single email from me in that time.  oDesk support said it would not hurt my score to close it, but that it could have—"on a case by case basis." Huh? Which cases?


"Public and private feedback": 

What if we threw out the highest and lowest feedback scores... the outliers.  Like Chad, I had a new client who seemed to keep changing her mind about what she wanted and had a hard time communicating (in reality, I believe she was trying to get free work beyond my professional courtesies).  She was the first and only in 85 jobs to give me lower than 5-star rating, but it pulled down my overall rating, I believe, disproprtionately.  No matter what, there will always be a client who cannot be pleased, who places responsibility for their faults on the freelancer, who wants something for nothing, etc.  What they have to say is probably not representative of the quality of the freelancer. Throw it out!  (Along with the too-high feedback of that one client who raves about everything.)


I can't imagine a client rating me 5-star publically then something else privately (don't even know if that's possible). But assuming so, does oDesk tell us when there's private feedback (especially if it indicates room for improvement)?  


"Long term client relationships": 

Is there some balance between long-term clients and leaving contracts open for 6+ months?  If I leave contracts open that long, I'm sort of stuck with the old hourly rate... If the client updates the rate, it creates a new contract.  The good news is, according to my "chat" today, a long-term client can span multiple contracts, so we don't have to leave the old contracts open that long.  Also, of course, suspended contracts don't count toward the "long term" time of 6+ months.


Unfortunately, given the nature of my work (I edit academic papers, such as PhD dissertations), my clients don't often need me more than once a lifetime!  So I will be penalized for not having as many long-term clients as does a freelancer with a different specialty... I can be satisfied that I don't have to compete outside my specialty.  But maybe I'm too OCD to be comfortable with the fluidity (like the "Good fit" badge:  today it's a good fit, tomorrow maybe not...). Hmmm...


On the upside, it looks like the issue of fixed contracts not counting toward freelance hours is now of less importance, although the client form does still ask them to set a requirement based only on hours (and not on number of fixed-rate contracts or $ earned).


"...and more"

Don't you love these undefined "whatever we want it to be" categories?  I'm a little concerned that whining about the new system on the forum may fall into this (um, just kidding).


Finally, I want to add that I recently hired freelancers (I was the client), and YES, the "success" score far and away outweighed client feedback in my hiring decision—especially because I didn't understand (nor, as a client did I want to have to understand) what all is involved in either score.  


Good luck, folks, and may the great algorithmer in the sky bless us all!  



Although I have been unhappy about a few things lately such as merging feedback and original feedback removed from you profile, and rating on jobs you have no control over such as you sit and wait, you communicate, you wait some more and then the client still does not respond after hiring you, and the my biggest objection is there should be some sort of time limit on when we were all evaluated on our performance, since oDesk did not implement many of these rules although they are going back on some stuff two years on your performance, I  not unhappy with oDesk trying to improve the whole experience.


oDesk for a long time was known as the place anyone who wanted to hire a 25 c an hour freelancer, and for shoddy dealings.


With the changes are going to come better paying clients, not as many shoddy jobs posted, not as many shoddy freelancers.


It has been a two sided coin here. Shoddy freelancers as well as shoddy clients.


I remember last year a client blantantly bragging about how she didn't pay freelancers on a job unless their articles sold. With much of the new changes this will not be happening anymore, hopefully.


And for oDesk from a money making point of view, if you are getting lots of contracts and they are not bringing in money because the client didn't pay you, or the client cancelled the contract, I can see their point of view. You complete more contracts they make more money. Everyone in the long run wins.


I am not condoning all the changes, but from their side I do see what they are trying to accomplish.


All the complaining in the world (and I am guilty of it) is not going to change what oDesk sees as improvements to make more money and improve the jobs and clients.

I understand where oDesk is coming from trying to implement this system. The system however has many flaws, and I feel like a bit more warning and a beta of the system where you and only you could see this rating would have been better.


At first I was confused but ok with my score it was 93%. Then I took 2 jobs from the same client and another from another client. The clients are/were very happy with what they got, however THEY were/are slow getting me the tools I need to complete their work. (I am a web developer, not writer, not designer, developer. I needed content). I even went outside my provider norms and budget for the project, created a logo for one client to move things along. 


Well all said and done, I completed 2 of the 3 projects, I am still waiting on content for the 3rd, and all 3 are/were past due date. My rating droped to 90%, the only thing I have done that could be wrong, is wait for what I need from the client, that they knew going into the job I was going to need. 


How is this my fault? I don't know but apparently the amazing developers at oDesk know.


There are a lot of things like this coming down the pipeline basically. They implemented the Escrow system, which is ok in a sense, but it is harder to ask for up front fees to cover costs (thats why you keep money in the bank as a business). Yet with the escrow system they still start the security hold for 6 days AFTER the contract ends, even though they collected the money when the contract began.


Now they are going to do the connect system, another way to charge freelancers more money. Another system they adopt from elance. Yet from Elance where is my free paypal withdrawels? Where is my no security hold? They are taking the worst from Elance but giving us none of the best. 


In conclusion this leads me to believe they are trying to run all of the best providers, which in turn will run all of the best clients, off of oDesk. They want us all to leave and use Elance. This way they can just shut down oDesk and have one system. That is truely my feeling on the matter.

**edited for Community Guidelines**

re: "In conclusion this leads me to believe they are trying to run all of the best providers, which in turn will run all of the best clients, off of oDesk. They want us all to leave and use Elance. This way they can just shut down oDesk and have one system."

Charles, thank you for sharing your feelings about how you are frustrated by some of the recent changes at oDesk. Your conclusion as to the cause of these changes is factually incorrect, however. ODesk has already announced that they intend to attract all Elance clients and contractors over to oDesk, and eventually it will be Elance that will be not so important, because only oDesk will receive continual changes intended to improve the site.

Then explain why Elance is not kicking out all their 5 star providers, and is not adopting oDesks archaic excuses of banking methods to charge more fees and hold your money for longer?


I think you have bought into the kool aid sir.


Also please I beg you, reference this so called official oDesk statement, link please.

You missread a lot don't you.


All of that translated is:


oDesk will be the beta site with new features that do not work shoved down your throat. Once it is fully tested and working we will give Elance ample notice before the changes are made there. Because we do not want to run off Elance providers, it is the older company, and the one that the Surviving CEO came from.


@Charles C wrote:

You missread a lot don't you.


All of that translated is:


oDesk will be the beta site with new features that do not work shoved down your throat. Once it is fully tested and working we will give Elance ample notice before the changes are made there. Because we do not want to run off Elance providers, it is the older company, and the one that the Surviving CEO came from.




You accuse Preston of misreading and you yourself are reading into everything what you want. There is no place that states in all the information posted that they are going to merge both sites or that they are beta testing on us. You know what they say about assumptions don't you?





There is no place that states in all the information posted that they are going to merge both sites or that they are beta testing on us.


It's not stated in those very words, but both of those things are true. See this thread at Elance.

I can't see it without logging in. I didn' t say they weren't going to merge it, but I said they haven't stated they were going to. We all know that is most likely going to happen even though they told us it isn't going to.

These are the key quotes:


Within a year or two we will have a new platform where everyone will access the latest innovations at the same time.


New innovations will be largely concentrated on the oDesk platform.


The first is from the CEO's announcement; the second from Garnor in the thread.

It is not about them stating they are going to merge, that is what Preston said, trying to say they are trying to attract Elancers to oDesk. Fact is they keep suspending and ruining the experience for highly rated freelancers here on oDesk with new systems that are half done or completely broken. While they clearly state that they are not going to implement these systems on Elance until they give Elancers advanced notice. Which means oDesk is getting the beta test of systems for Elance. They only take the bad things for contractors from Elance and have not given us any of the good things. There is reading into everything, then there is seeing the obvious.

Hi Charles,


Thank you for sharing your feedback and opinion with the Community.


Releasing new initiatives on both platforms is not feasible. Therefore, we chose to concentrate them on oDesk rather than Elance because oDesk was better suited for some of the initial innovations we plan to release. The bridge is being built so that members of the Elance community can experience these improvements as well.

~ Valeria

Charles, we ask that you and others in the Community be mindful of our Community Guidelines when posting here. Specifically, "Users are asked to treat each other with respect and behave in a manner fit for a professional work environment." 


Please be considerate of these guidelines in your future activity on the platform.

@Charles C I agree with you either thry are tring to close oDEsk or they are they are experimenting in desk to improve elance.

Hi Charles,


Just wanted to say I can totally relate to how you feel. I've just had to deal with a completely incompetent, irresponsible and unreasonable client whose feedback should not be taken seriously by anyone. Will act unprofessionally and then blame the freelancer for their own incompetence. Yes, this happens Upwork!


I'm kind of new here and so far going great guns but some of the comments in this thread (and others) have got me a little worried; after having a couple of jobs that were finished (client happy, payment made) but still open I figured I'd close them, leave a review, and move on: they just looked untidy. Discovering that doing so may in the long run look BAD seems, well, crazy...


I've also had a few jobs where the client was obviously happy (in one case giving me a 100% bonus on top of the agreed fee) but for one reason or another they've left no feedback. Maybe they only needed oDesk for that one thing and now it's done they've seen no need to log back in? Maybe they're busy? Who knows. What I do know, though, is that if I were looking to hire someone and the first few entries in their recent jobs list had "No feedback given" in them I'd probably look elsewhere, but there's nothing I can do about it other than wait for them to be pushed off the list by new ones.


Combine that with the low barrier to entry for clients (we have to take a readiness test, but there's no equivalent for them) and some of the appalling job postings on here (I've attached a screenshot of my "Recommended Jobs" feed) and I get the impression that oDesk is more interested in the clients than the freelancers.



As far as the Recommended feed goes, it's not just you. I have never found it useful, so pay no attention to it. Just like yours, all the jobs are quite old in mine, and now with Connects about to go live, there's no sense applying for a job where the client is taking that long to make a decision.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

I was disappointed to see that my job satisfaction rating went from 97% to 95% last week when I cancelled out contracts that had not offered any work in several months.

Today I was shocked when I checked my profile and saw that my satisfaction rating was 86%.  The only change was a company contracted me, then used it as an interview, went with another freelancer, and gave me lower stars than my usual contracts.  Still, my average rating only went from 4.92 to 4.91.  How can a clent that did NOT truly hire me negatively affect my score like that?!


How can I build my reputation back up?  I have several long term clients who are very happy with my work.  Should I ask them to stop the contract, leave feedback, and start the contract again?  That doesn't seem fair to them.


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