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Un-authorize Refund from my account

I had a client. Who hired me and gave me a four hundred dollar bonus. I did the client's work for about two hours. the client asked me for a refund. But when I was refunding him, his account got suspended and permanently Blocked by Upwork My available balance is -$80. I can't even refund it now. It won't affect my profile? His bonus is still pending. Kindly help me.

I send the screenshot so you can check


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I'm sorry but that work about UC is a well-known scam. You might want to read here before proceeding with finding jobs in Upwork:




You can search this forum about similar cases and you'll see that you can't do anything about the money.

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If you took part in something that's not allowed by Upwork, then you'll need to pay the money back. They can't "unauthorize" the refund, since your scammer probably used a stolen credit card and the money is now gone. 

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