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Unable to Accept or Decline an Offer

I've received a couple of invitations to interview but I'm unable to accept or decline them. 


I've tried clearing cache and cookies but the issue is still there. Is there anything else I can try to solve the problem?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Martin,


I was not able to replicate the issue you're describing. Do you see an error message when you open an invitation? If you do, please share the screenshot of it so that we can assist you accordingly.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan,

Inability to respond to invites has been reported with some frequency recently, from multiple users. There is no popup, just a failure of function. Surely someone on the team is familiar with this phenomenon, which does not seem to be an individual user problem.

Anecdotally, I believe it may happen when either the prospective client or Upwork has revised or taken some action on the job posting.



Hi Douglas Michael,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. Yes, sometimes these issues occur when the original job post has been closed or actioned by our team. Not all cases have the same root cause, however. In this case, we'll need more information to locate the invitations Martin has issues with so we can advise him accordingly. In general, our engineering team has been working on improving error messages to make sure they clearly describe what happened.

~ Bojan

Thanks, Bojan, for the thoughtful and informative reply. I understand that Upwork sometimes has to gather further details about how and why an anomaly occurs. It would be nice if such request for information were more clearly expressed as such.

"We have opened a ticket for you/are asking for a screenshot to gather more information as we work on this known problem" conveys a lot in few words; and avoids the impression that Upwork is treating each report as an isolated or account-specific phenomenon.

Hi Douglas,


Thanks for taking the time to share your recommendation. I'll pass this along to the appropriate team.


Thank you.




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