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Unable to Create New Milestone in Project

For the past two weeks, I have been unable to create new milestones for the ongoing activities in a project I am currently engaged in. As a diligent freelancer, it's imperative for me to accurately track and manage the progress of my work, and creating milestones is an integral part of this process.

Despite trying various methods and troubleshooting steps, I have not been successful in resolving this issue on my own. I am confident in my understanding of how to create milestones, as I have done so successfully in the past. However, the current inability to do so is hindering the smooth progress of my work and impacting my ability to deliver effectively to my client.

I kindly request your prompt assistance in resolving this matter.


Hi Juan,


This is by design, you can't create new milestones for your Fixed-Price contracts. What you can do is propose changes to either existing or future milestones. If a change you proposed hasn't been accepted, you should discuss this with your client directly. Feel free to check this article for more information on how this works. 

~ Luiggi
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Thanks Luiggi

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