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Unable to Withdraw Funds - A U.S. taxpayer in Canada with a U.S. bank account

My bank account currently displays as "Inactive." I have submitted my W-9 form (as I am a U.S. taxperson residing in Canada), uploaded my U.S. bank information, and I've waited for over a week now (although it should only take 3 days to confirm). Even still, my bank reads as inactive. Please advise.

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Hi I am a US persons and my payment method was marked as inactive? How do I fill out the W-9 form? Where do I send it to? I thought I had already filled it out under the tax information section. How do I reactive this?

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Retired Team Member

Hi Jackson and Stella,


I would like to confirm that we have a known problem with this and our engineering team is working on resolving this in the next few hours. If you're still experiencing the same problem after this, feel free to follow up here. Thank you.

~ Goran
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