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Unable to add Billing Method.

Hi Team,


I am trying to add a Billing Method as I'm trying to buy more connects. It says 'We are unable to authorize your card/ Please add another billing method or contact your issuing bank'. The thing is, I am confident I have used the same card before to buy connects but this time it's not letting me use this card. I am not sure why my card was removed from my account in the first place. I have contacted the bank, and they say everything is fine at their end. 


I would appreciate any kind of help.


Hi Basit,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You would need to add an alternative payment method in order to proceed. If this isn't an option right now, you may use a different card while sorting out the issue with your primary billing method. Check out this article to see the other options that you have.


I have also shared  your report to our team as well so someone would reach out to you via a support ticket to give you more information regarding the issue with your billing method.

~ AJ