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Unable to change my picture for identity verification

When registered my account I use a different picture and I aimed to change it back when I have time to upload an acceptable picture. Until I landed my first job and wanted to verify the account that I noticed that my profile picture can not be changed. Now, I want to go for verification and want to upload my new picture matching with my government id. Please help!!!


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Please help I don't want to loose my first job if my account is suspended. I have to do verification till 8th October. If I don't upload new picture and do identity verification then verification will be failed

Why do you want to upload a different picture? Your picture is perfectly fine, unless it does not show you, of course.


Hi Sunita,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Just like Martina said, the current profile picture seems fine. May I know why you need to change it in order for the verification to not fail?

~ AJ

Hi Annie, 

I am new to upwork. I uploaded wrong person's picture. But now the upwork is not allowing me to change. Please allow one time change

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He appears to have a woman's name. Maybe that's the issue?

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