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Unable to contact customer service

My account is suspended and there's a notice at the top of the page with a link to contact customer service. However, every time I click it, it redirects me back to the homepage. 


I used the help bot and all the links it gives me to appeal my account also redirects me back to the homepage. What am I supposed to do?


(Please don't suspend this account that I'm using right now... I need this for my full-time job, while my personal account is for my freelancing side gigs.)


Hi Fefe,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about the action taken on your account. Could you please click on my name above this post and send me a private message with the registered email address?


Thank you,



Dear Pradeep, sorry but I'm unable to find the private message option on your profile.

Hi Fefe,


Arjay here stepping in for Pradeep. You should now have the option to send a private message and provide the required information.


~ Arjay

Hi Arjay, I have private messaged you and provided the required information. Will you be emailing me or replying to the PM?

Hi Fefe,


I confirmed that I did receive your message. I have also shared your account information and your concern with the appropriate team for further review. One of the members will be assisting you further via a support ticket. You can access your ticket and coordinate with the team on this page.


~ Arjay
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