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Unable to dispute an active contract

I have a current contract with a client. She misunderstood what I told her I'll provide in my proposal. I told her clearly I'll only write a document for her, she thought I was going to do more.


I want to file a dispute because she is not willing to pay anything for what I just provided. Not even partially, which is very unfair to me.


When I come to file a dispute on this active contract (it didn't end, should I end it?) I see a blank screen. Is something wrong with upwork(attached)?

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Milestone was funded or not? If yes then submit milestone for payment. After that client must dispute, not you.

it was already funded. Amount is in escrow. She decided that my work is not worth it. 

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Do not end the contract. If you do, the funds in escrow will be automatically returned to the client. 


Are you trying to get full payment, or only a portion of what is in escrow? 

Anything really, I think I should get around half the amount. That's only fair. 

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