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Unable to refund.

Hello, I am a freelancer who only had a

few clients in Upwork. I would like to ask how i can refund part of paid amount to miy client. I clicked on the "Give a Refund" button and saw that the amounf paid (minus the Upwork service fee) is already reflected in the"Current Balance", however. the "Refund amount is still "$0.00". I clicked the "Select Invoices" but there's nothing there. I found the invoices in the Transaction history but it says that it's still pending. But the dashboard for the project in question says the project has been paid. 


I promosed the client a refund when the project has been approved, due to delays on my part.


Can someone give me some advice please. Is there awaiting time before i can give a refund or are there other steps after completion that needed to be done. I already left a feedback to the client.




-Nichole Ignacio

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Nichole,


Once the funds are available on your Upwork account you will be able to issue a refund back to your client. To view in what stage your funds are, go to Reports > Overview. Thank you.

~ Goran
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