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Unable to see most recent job posts

Hi, I just opened a my upwork account.

I am unable to see Best matches and most recent job posts on my browser as well.


I have tried logout and logging in severally. Moreover, I deleted all the caches and history of browser as well.


I have also used another browser


Please someone help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Ogooluwa,


Thank you for reaching out to us. In general and by system design, the Job Feed section gets jobs from Saved Searches.  This means to say, when you search for jobs and save them, our system ''remembers'' the criteria you've chosen and will try to give you suggestions that are nearest to the kind of jobs you are saving and searching.


We suggest that you start saving manually searched jobs that are related to the skills in your profile so that the system can ''draw'' more from those and not much on categories, which are broader and may show relevant searches and not exact keywords.  We suggest you try several search combinations and a variety of filters to find the projects you're looking for. The searches accept logic operators like AND and OR. The Advanced Search option will perform complex logic for you.


To do so, please follow these steps:


1. Perform a search and filter as desired.

2. Click the Save Search button at the top of your search results. (https://url.upwork.com/_01hLCFKq958EjVVx7ZgvISZmS_lbBvBVX4)

3. Give your saved search a name. This will become the name of the corresponding saved search feed.

~ AJ
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