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Unable to submit a proposal

A client reached out to me to write for him, and he invited me to join his team. Once I joined his team, he sent me a link to a job so I can submit a proposal. But, I cant find the link to submit a proposal, instead it says 'edit proposal', 'remove posting', 'reuse posting', 'make private', 'view proposals', and 'view hire'. How do I submit a proposal to the job that he sent me? Am I not able to submit a proposal because he made me a team member on his client page?

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I also want to note that he sent me an email that invited me 'to join Private's account on Upwork to help them hire for their job post: Need a scriptwriter specialising in Medieval history'. Did he send me the wrong invite if his intention was for me to submit a proposal for the job?

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Hi Nathan,


I checked and it seems that your client sent you an invite to join their team where you can help with the hiring. By joining their team, you can evaluate proposals, interview, and search for freelancers and others, but the invite is not to submit your own proposal. You need to discuss this further with your client. Feel free to check out this help article for more information.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Ok that's what I figured. So if I want to be able to submit a proposal I would have to leave the team correct? How do I leave a team? Can I do it myself or does the client have to remove me?

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