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Unable to update my profile picture -- prescription glasses mistaken for 'sunglasses'.

I am a freelancer who is trying to update my profile so that I can start bidding for projects. However, every time I try, my profile picture is rejected because my glasses - which are tinted blue and worn to correct a disability, and imperative to my being able to work - are constantly mistaken for sunglasses. Again, the blue tint in my glasses is not a cosmetic choice, but to treat a disability, and I do not have another pair of glasses that I can just wear to substitute. I wear them all the time, both inside and outside of professional spheres; any colleague or client who has engaged with me in a professional setting has seen me wear them, and it has had no negative impact whatsoever on my ability to do my job and build a rapport with them. For these reasons, I don't see why I should be penalised for representing myself as I am in professional circles, just because it doesn't make sense to an image-reading algorithm. My profile is what potential clients use to decide if I am the freelancer they want working on their project, and that includes the profile picture. The fact that I cannot update my profile picture to a current representation of myself is actually impeding my ability to use this platform.


Below is an example of a profile photo, wearing my glasses. 



Is there any advice that anyone can give on what I can do to fix this issue technically (hopefully without having to borrow someone else's glasses), or if there are grounds for taking this issue higher up and contesting it due to discrimination? In an office environment, any employer who had a problem with my glasses and uses them as a reason to impede my work would being falling afoul of the 2010 Equality Act for discrimination on the basis of disability; the fact that this is an online platform for freelancers should not make this any less applicable. 


Thank you very much for reading. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rachel, 


Can you please check if the image you're trying to upload is in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png format and at least 250px by 250px? Also, make sure that it's a clear photo of yourself, not a long shot and your face is clearly visible. If it meets those requirements and you still can't upload it then please try clearing your cache and cookies and using a different browser to check if the problem persists.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan, 


I am certain that the format of the photo is not the issue. As for visibility, my face is clearly visible, not shot from far away, and the sole obscuring detail is only over my eyes and due to the aforementioned glasses. As mentioned before, these are not cosmetic shades, but an accessibility tool needed for a disability.


Is there any way that I could submit the photograph to a human person to approve, someone who would understand that this is not about making an exception, but about allowing me to do my job and do so while representing myself properly? My biggest concern is that, should I be called upon to discuss a project over a video chat, I would need to waste precious time explaining to them why I have these glasses and assuring them that I am perfectly capable of doing the work, because they haven't been forewarned by the profile photo that represents my professional persona, tinted glasses and all. 


I should add, when I have worked in professional office settings, once it was understood prior to the interview why I wear these tinted glasses, wearing them has not once been a problem. I do not see why it should be a problem here.


How would you suggest we rectify this issue? Any advice you have specifically addressing this issue would be greatly appreciated; unfortunately, until this issue is sorted, there isn't really a way I can go about bidding for work here without misrepresenting myself and undermining my own professionalism due to this issue of indirect discrimination against me.

Hi Rachel, 


Thank you for following up. Yes, We'll have one of our agents reach out to you via support ticket to assist you with your request. 

~ Bojan

Can I get help on this too?  I have one pic of myself that I like.  but it keeps being rejected.  Now that I have read several notices here, I guess it's the glasses.  I don't understand why that would be a deal-killer.  It is a reasonable and appropriate photo.

thank you

Doug Adler

Hi Doug,


I'll send you a PM with more information regarding your concern.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Cool - thank you.

Hi Bojan S,
I am facing a similar problem with uploading my profile image. My picture doesn't even have sunglasses just regular glasses. Can you resolve my issue as well?



Hi Abdul,


Please try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in with another browser to upload your profile photo. Thank you.

~ Goran
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