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Unable to win a job for a long time

Last two months I'm unable to got any job. Just lose my bucks. Upwork become only client frendly not worker friendly. Just looking after their profit. I'm geting fustrated. Is their works any hidden tricks? Friends do you have any solution? Waiting for your openion. 

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This is an English speaking platform. Clients don't like dealing with people that don't understand them or can't express themself properly. The language is essential.

Agreed! I have been on Upwork for some time now and have yet to land any work. It is such a flooded and competetive tool. I am working on a personal video and portfolio which I plan to upload very soon, but  I feel like Upwork offers little incentive to freelance seekers to hire new freelancers. This has been a frustrating experience for me and I no longer pay for the platform, because that certainly didn't help.



I think you are right. I spent up to $15 to win a job. I want to focus on
my shutterstock and Pngtree profile, and try to contribute more.
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I only can say: "So not true".

Ognjen Brnjilovic

OB & BN,


I've been working on UW for over 8 years now and I can tell you that, unfortunately, this is the very driest desert period in terms of viable jobs that I've ever experienced.

There are a number of reasons for this, which I have neither the time nor inclination to get into here and now.


The sad reality for UW FLs right now is that--even if you're highly experienced and qualified in your field--there are very, very few opportunities worth your time, effort or Connects.

If you're new to the platform and/or have little to no UW job history, I cannot imagine a worse time to begin your FL career.


If you need some solace please understand that I, along with many Top Rated FLs, have faced the reality that UW is no longer a viable platform for even supplementary income.

The % of time-waster/bottom-feeding/fraud clients has skyrocketed, and the % of viable/worthwhile clients has plummeted, making this platform a frustrating time/money sink.


So, like most of us, it's time to either fish or cut bait!


Best of luck to you both.

William. thank you for the insights, though disheartening to hear. I am beginning migration to other platforms. 

I too can confirm the number of **edited for Community Guidelines** invites" have skyrocketed in the past 3 months. What is going on with Upwork these days.

I'm here since 2008. Also, I always have 5.0 + Top rated + Plus member. I can guess the main reason all this can be about. What about Upworks' stocks? Is there some logic?
Unfortunately, but I'm looking to change my job direction out of here.

Ognjen Brnjilovic

William - In the last couple of months I have gotten my best clients ever!

Good for you, Joan.

That's very good news indeed although, after reviewing your profile, I am somewhat surprised to hear you describe those jobs as "my best clients ever".


But thanks for your optimism.


Work smart, work safe!



William - A couple of my best clients ever do not show up yet on my profile because I am currently working for them. Others do, however.

Can I ask how long you've been on the platform and what your secret is? The platform has an option for UpWork job number and pay preference for freelance seekers. Not a great experience for a freelancer new to the platform. Are there options for hiring new talent?

New talents? I hope you are sarcastic. As things go now for their own sake it's better to avoid Upwork.

Do you think is it possible to be a successful freelancer outside of Upwork (hypothetically, of course)? 
If yes, how? If no, why?

Ognjen Brnjilovic
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Ognjen B wrote:

New talents? I hope you are sarcastic. As things go now for their own sake it's better to avoid Upwork.

Do you think is it possible to be a successful freelancer outside of Upwork (hypothetically, of course)? 
If yes, how? If no, why?

Of course it is. There were successful freelancers long before Upwork existed...before the Internet existed. It's just a lot more labor intensive. You have to really invest in one way or another, and usually more than one: reading job boards and other sources of potential gigs regularly, cultivating a strong referral network, perhaps cold calling or cold emailing, creating a website and maybe running Google ads or some other type of advertising to draw prospective clients...the upside to Upwork is that they're doing the work of assembling the prospective clients for you in one place, which drastically cuts down the legwork. But, there are huge numbers of successful freelancers all over the world who have never heard of Upwork.

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Tiffany S.
Thank you for all these notes and your perspective on the matter.
The other question is: "Can we (freelancers) do to something to get back previous policy?"
Personally I don't believe there is no chance for something like that but I will like to hear other people's opinions.

Ognjen Brnjilovic
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