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Unable to write message on Upwork mobile app.



thank you for reading this message!


I am using Samsung j7 pro android mobile version 9.0. I have a problem that I am unable to write messages to individual chat as my mobile's keyboard is not displayed at all. All I can see is an option to attach something. However I can use the keyboard (it pops up) everywhere else within Upwork app as I can search within chats, I can search jobs, etc, etc. It is only that individual chat with the client where it does not work. 


Besides the Upwork app, all other apps like slack, FB, WhatsApp work fine on this mobile phone. I am curious why only individual chat. 

I will be really thankful if the community can guest a solution. 


Thank you,


maybe it is happening for older version of the os. use older version app of Upwork.

is this available older version on the google play store?

maybe not. Search on google. you can get older version Upwork app from third party website

I am unable to install an older version.

try another version. there are many versions of Upwork

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