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Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new here on Upwork, so I hope I have placed my question in the right forum.


Okay, here's my question.

Why do people insist on underbidding on their proposals? For example on almost evey job I have submitted a proposal for has a low bid for like $4.00. These are jobs that would obviously pay out at a much higher rate. I cannot help but find it rather frustrating. I do realize this is a universal platform, but come on, give a girl a break. I didn't spend 6 years of my life in college just to pimp myself out for $4.00 an hour. LOL!!! Seriously though, is it simply to rack up work hours and a reputation or am I missing something here?


Thanks for letting me share!

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To add to what Dan said, which is very much true... You have your own strengths and Dan pointed them out - you're a native English speaker. That's a great strength, since the language barrier is gone. You have years of experience behind your back. Maybe you have solid education or some specific experience which you're proud of. I am sure you have way more strengths than the low-ballers.


So, here's the idea. If the low-ballers' means to win a project is underbidding, then don't fight the 'battle' with their weapons. Fight their weaknesses with your strengths. So, pick your strengths and reinforce them, by subtly (or not so) mentioning them in your overview or/and portfolio.


Don't play the low-ballers' game. Don't underbid yourself. Have pride and confidence in yourself, and clients will respect you for that. You'll attract the right type of clients. Low-ballers usually attract the wrong type of clients. From personal experience.

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🙂 Well, it's not going to be easy, but low-balling isn't the way to start. It's good you're changing your approach! Also, read through the existing threads. In many of them you will find priceless advice and tips to help you up your game, so you will be competitive in no time. 🙂 Not without effort, but it will be so much worth it!


The forums are an enormous ocean of knowledge and support. Come back here once in a while. Many veterans give brilliant ideas and very quickly you will shape a successful approach to clients and work.



Plenty of clients on upwork want quality and don't mind paying. Out of 5 proposals, I know that I will get 2-3 gigs out of it. May not be longterm, but 2-3 of them will at least try me out to see if I'm the right writer.


I probably do better in the open marketplace because I put more effort into it. With invites, I kinda apply even if I'm really not interested by asking questions and seeing what happens.


Just stick to what you're worth. Errrrrybody tries to lowball in my bidding pool and they don't stand a chance against me if the client wants experience and price isn't an issue. I eat competitors for breakfast.

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I don't understand how someone who is pursuing their Masters ("with a xx GPA") can't get a jobb as a teaching assistant. I thought that was practically a requirement. And I'm not aware of any Masters via correspondence that are accredited if that's the case.

I am a graduate student at Boston University MET and am rather insulted by your insinuating tone. I am also a full-time English teacher (and again, online). However it is not enough for the cost of living and my continuing tuition expenses @ $3500.00 a course plus materials and labs. Not that I need to justify my reasons for being here.