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Unethical Client

I am new on UPwork as a Recruiter and needed a project badly so I applied for a project which said we will be recruiting in the US.


Below is the JD by client.


HR Recruiting, Talent Evaluation, Communication, LinkedIn Recruiting, Google Sheets Work

URGENT HIRING: We work with multiple US-based employers to source US-based talent. We require a large team of freelancers to partner with us and join our growing team. 


When i joined this contract, I was asked to join a whatsapp group which i did. And i got to know it is not recruiting in the real essesnce but attracting Students in the US to signup on a platform for jobs and get $1 per signup. After a week into this project, The PM sent a message that Screenshot of chat with each student has been added to criteria of verifying the signups not just a screenshot screeshot of all yourconversation with each candidate and create a link with them on Googledrive. I suggested the verification will be lot easier if each recruiter can be given a unique link which will be more transparent. But PM ignored this suggestion. I did a screenshot each where it be cleared that this candidate signed up through me for all 40 candidates out of 43 candidates but the PM inisisted on full conversation with all of the candidates. He ended the contract at the time payment should be made. Asking for a refund on the fund in escrow which i disputed. He released the money in escrow but help on to my payment. 


I felt cheated and embarrassed by this gesture. I told the PM if you introduced the screenshot before contract was signed i wouldnt sign such contract. because the process initially is time consuming and now added some more tasks. I need a suggestionon how to handle this as I do not wish to continue with this kind of baiting games.

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Never accept an offer before you know exactly what your task is, and have everything you need to start working. 

Thanks Martina,


This is intentional by the client. He introduced this a week into the project. After I have submitted up to 25 candidates.I have the history of chat on whatsapp.

This is something that you may indeed ask for advice about here in the Community Forum.


This is not something that Upwork Customer Support or any other Upwork employees want to get involved with.


So definitely plan on this being something that you take direct action to address.

Nobody at Upwork wants to look at your chat history.

It really sounds like you are wasting your time with this client.
My advice: Stop doing any more work for the client. Don't give the client any refund whatsoever.

Don't argue with the client. Don't communicate with the client.

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Thanks Preston. I just felt cheated because I met a lady on LinkedIn with similar process but confirmed there is no thing like submitting screenshots of full conversation with candidates in the process. Regardless, at your advise, i will let this slide. Let him hold on to my payment. I will move.

The person who you working with sounds like somebody who has "schemes" - not legitimate jobs.

You are right about this. I sensed a foul play days after I started working on the contract as all contracts with all feelancer working on the project were withdrawn by Upwork due to reasons between this client and Upwork.  A new contract was issued 2 days after when the issues were resolved. Anothing thing noticed is ignoring complaints/concerns.

I have also suggested to him if he can generate a unique link for each freelancer, it will be more transparent and also save time but kept ignoring that as well.

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I never bid for such works, and we should immediately report these works to upwork.

only fake or forged people post such luring jobs and the try their best to lure us and cheat us.

So never go behind luring jobs with closed eyes.

Thanks Keshav!

What I see is baiting. Because the work is also about baiting for signups on a job site.


And It is either he is tired of paying or almost at the end of the project. Because this particular client has spent more than $50k on UPWORK. It is so discouraging. I am new on Upwork and needed a contract for reference sake because i know what I can deliver. But turned out to be a wasted effort. I dontknow what he will come up with if I ended up uploading all chat conversations. I have uploaded 1 per candidate but insisted i have to do all the full sreenshot per candidate before he can pay. So disgusting.

This may be common practice for this client. So he only spent 50k instead of the 500k he owed.

Leave for him true feedback then forgot, dont waste own time.

Thanks Mykola.

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