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Unfair review by client

So I got this contract on article and blog writing. We started the contract and I delievered every article on time and first week went well. The client gave me more articles I delivered these articles on time as well. After 3 weeks of successful work the client wanted to shift to another Niche and gave me a test article which was not upto his expectation mark and was rejected resulting in the completion of contract. But he gave me a 2.60 review which is totally biased and unfair because the whole contract review should not be based on the last test article. What about all the previous articles that I provided within the time and all the effort and hardwork that I put in the articles to make them top quality. It just doesn't sound fair. 



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Totally encountered an unfair and unreasonable review before. It is unfortunate when these things happen. A couple of things to note, reviews and feedback are totally opinion based and cannot be altered in any way with regards to Upwork moderation or staff.

You have a few options to deter the effect or unwanted results on this review. There is to my knowledge a badge or JSS score that can remove unwanted feedback overtime but you need meet these metrics are a high level. Optionally, if you are on decent terms with a client and can potentially work out a altered revision on behalf of the client, that is an option.  You would just enable the option to allow the client to modify their current review. I would honestly reach and make sure you are comfortable with that before enabling that.


Encounters like these always bother you in the moment but I have had an experience like this. I would just vet the client's feedback before starting a job and take any lessons of these encounters and apply them going forward to prevent an unwanted review like this. My mistake was jumping into a client's contract without viewing feedback or vetting them as individual. After what they did on my end and checking their actual profile feedback, it was more mixed than the regular 5 star and decimal review entails. 

That is my advice, you have options but the effects of this review can be weighted out overtime with proper measures going forward. Good luck Syed!

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