UnionBank EON Card LFT - Help

Hi, I just got my EON card, and I am wondering if I can use it right away to link in my oDesk account. I haven't made any deposits to it yet. Thanks in advance!

If you got it a couple of days ago then you can already link it. For Paypal-EON you need to deposit atleast P150 to link your Card to Paypal. But for LFT-EON no deposits needed for your account.

Thanks for your reply. I linked my EON card to my LFT just a few days ago.

Hi. I also had recieve my Odesk account this day at 3 pm. Can i link my atm card now to Odesk?or i just have to wait 24 hours?please respond.

Hi Everyone,


New oDesk Freelancer here. I just made my first withdrawal of my earnings and had it transferred to my EON Unionbak Account.


Since this is the FIRST time I made this transaction, can anyone help me set my expectations right? How long does it take for it to be transferred to my EON account? Does it take 5-7 banking days or shorter than that.


Any information will help. Thanks!

Czarina, Normally it takes 2 to 3 days to received the withdrawn amount for UnionBank. Example: When you did the withdrawal on Wednesday, it will be credited to your account Friday. One day processing with Odesk, another one day and third day you'll received it. It is a good idea to have an account online with UnionBank.

transferred mine last Feb 10, 2016 however it is still not reflecting on my eon card ;(

Hi Sweet,


I am sorry you are experiencing delays in receiving your funds. If your earnings don't arrive on your bank account 8 days after you withdrew them, please contact customer support to initiate a trace.

~ Valeria

Hi everyone. I would just like to ask if you can directly withdraw from upwork to your local bank account (UnionBank)? Currently, what I'm doing is withdraw from upwork to my paypal account and then paypal to my UnionBank account. Is it possible to skip paypal and directly withdraw from upwork to my UnionBank account?

Thanks in advance for the response.

How much is the remiitance fee for transfering funds from Upwork to your Unionbank EON account?

Hi Humprey, 

Aside from the Upwork withdrawal fee of $0.99, UnionBank charges Php 50.00 for incoming funds. 


Because of our banking relationships, Upwork transfers are not currently charged any incoming remittance fees by the following banks:

  • Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI Direct and BPI Family Savings accounts don't qualify for this waiver)
  • Banco de Oro
  • Standard Chartered Bank

~ Avery