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Unlocking account

Dear Upwork Customer Support Specialists!

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me in the following matter. I am writing to you on behalf of my colleague.

Unfortunately, my colleague's Upwork account was blocked several years ago.( **edited for Community Guidelines**) He would like to unlock it but despite his great effort he can't do it now. Could you please help us? What do we need to do now?

The person, whose account was blocked, is a  Senior Software Developer, who has deep knowledge and extensive experience in this field. He had a good project history on Upwork. And he is eager to continue working with clients via Upwork. 

He doesn't know the exact reason why his account was blocked but he is extremely sorry for any possible Upwork rules violation.

Now he has studied all the Upwork rules once again  very carefully. He is ready to pass all the procedures of authentification that are required: video and document authentification, that will confirm his personality and expertise in the sphere of software development, and any other type of authentification that is requred by Upwork. 

I would appreciate your attention to our problem.

Any information that you can give on this issue would be as well much appreciated.

Best regards,

Anastasiya R**edited for Community Guidelines**



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anastasiya, 

I'm sorry to learn about your friend's account. Please know that we can't share any details about the action our team has taken. However, if the team has found a Terms of Service violation, the account will be addressed, and we won't permit behavior that was already sanctioned.


Your friend can refer to the notification they received regarding their account. If they need further help, they can reach out through our social media channels, and the team handling those channels will assist them further.

~ Avery
Community Member

Thank you for your assistance, Avery. 

We will try to connect with your Support team via your social media channels.

I wish you a nice day!


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