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(Unpaid) Audio Translation Sample

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CJ Esther N Member Since: Mar 16, 2019
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I submitted a proposal to a translation project which requires deliverable in audio format instead of written format for their YouTube video.


Even though I'm a sworn translator/interpreter too, I've been more focus on building my profile as a virtual/administrative assistant, therefore I haven't submitted any translation portfolio let alone a voice sample since I'm not a voice artist. The potential client responded to my proposal and asked whether I can give him a voice sample of me translating 20 seconds of one or two of his videos along with a 30 seconds small talk in the German language.


Is it legitimately okay for me to send him even only one of 20 seconds audio translation plus 30 seconds of my voice sample in German? I don't see how he can use a 20 seconds audio translation for his advantage, but who knows, really.


Or in the spirit of fighting against free work scams altogether, should I explain and ask him to create a contract with a small amount of payment for that sample of translation and voice?


I'll be happy to have any help from you, my fellow freelancers. I hope I can have a clear answer as soon as possible so that I can communicate this with that potential client.




Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi CJ,


Asking for free work is a violation of our TOS and I would strongly advise you not to work on any free tests. You can negotiate with a client for a budget to be hired on a paid test as well.

Also, please send me a PM with more details about the client and our team will investigate them further. Thank you.


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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The client isn't asking for a custom sample "as such" and really just wants a voice sample.


If you are interested, I don't think 20 seconds is a huge issue - you are perfectly allowed to provide the sample, but the client asking for a custom sample is strictly speaking in violation of the terms of service.


That said, Personally I do not accept paid test contracts - I have seen them go wrong for a friend of mine on 3 occasions.