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Unpaid Milestone

Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new to the platform. I have a job with 4 milestones, the first is funded. I've submitted the first one 6 days ago and haven't heard back from the client, who has been otherwise responsive, so far.


My question is, do you stop working on the remaining milestones till they pay the submitted milestone or at least get back to you? Or so you just continue work? My feeling is that I should wait till I get a response, any response and shouldn't just go on working without being paid for the work I'd submitted but again, I'm new so maybe things work differently than what my common sense assumes. 


Thank you all very much,



I would not work on unfunded milestones unless I know the client well and really trust them, and even then it is a risk. The client can not fund the second milestone until the first one has been released (if they were not all funded at the start) - and the first milestone, provided you submitted it properly with the "submit for payment" function, will be automatically released to you after 14 days.

Thank you Petra for your reply. It's my first time to work with him, he has excellent rating though but I'm just worried about not hearing back at all. I did submit via the "Submit Payment Request" button. I just want to complete the job as agreed but I can't do that before getting his feedback on the first part. 

I guess I'll wait till he gets back to me. 

And don't re-submit the same work using the green "Submit" button. Doing that will re-start the 14-day automatic payment release period.