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Unpaid milestone

Good day! I would like to ask for help about this client I start working with last January 5. He hired me at a milestone project. We agreed that he will pay me weekly. At first he is consistent. Then for the 2nd week there's been a delay for my pay. He keeps on saying that he will pay me. Well he pay It but It's delayed. Then here comes the 3rd and the 4th week my work. I already saw something on the article of upwork that I shouldn't work in a milestone not until the client approves it. That's what I told him. But he is kind at first even try to ask me to work since he is a good client, etc. He promised that he will release the pay on a specific date. Then I worked for him. Then here comes the 4th week. And I still haven't received anything. He told me that he will pay in advance next week (on the 4th week of my milestone). But I told him that I'm not gonna work until he pays me first. Then he told me that he will end my contract and put a bad feedback on my profile If I will not work for him. So I am really forced to work since I don't want to have a bad feedback on upwork. He keeps on promising to pay me since Monday this week. And now he is unresponsive at all. He owed me almost $385. I don't know what to do. Please help me! His name is **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Feedback manipulation - as in he threatening you to leave a bad feedback, especially for free work - which is another offense, is punishable. Take a screenshot or proof of it, and let the client know that his actions can lead to his account getting suspended. If he leaves you a bad feedback, report him with the proof you have.


For the future, if you want to be paid weekly, use 'weekly retainer' option or work on hourly terms. And definitely don't work on unfunded milestones.

Thanks, I already message to support but I'm still waiting for their response. Do you think I can still have my pay from that client?

If there is any money in Escrow currently that he hasn't released yet, I'm positive you can fully get that if you go all the way to arbitration, he won't agree to arbitration very likely, and the money will default to you. But if there is no money in Escrow, then it's all up to his willingness to pay, and to be honest it doesn't look to me like he wants to. Hope I'm wrong.

I actually message him on the website were working with. We are the only one who answers the chat form that website. I put a different name to check If he will response to me. Then he did! I told him that this is me, and why he is not responding on upwork. Just now. And I even check messages on upwork, he already deleted the message stating that he will end my contract and give me a bad feedback. The good thing is I already have a screeshot of It. 


Hi Olivia,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your experience with a client. I see that you have already initiated a ticket with the support team and they have responded to your concern. Please don't hesitate to follow up with them on your support ticket if you have additional questions regarding your concern. 


Thank you


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