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Unprofessional Client


I applied for this job in my industry The Client responded The interview Started He asked a lot of questions like what am I going to do? and how I am going to do it? He kept asking me such kind of questions In short he just wanted me to tell him how to do the work as what I've observed I did tell him how to do some of the things but he kept coming back again without the intention of hiring me but arguing with me that it isn't how it works then he'll ask other different questions after he has gone for some time and comes back I did comply.  it's been 2days and now he's back asking similar questions I sent him this message below.


Hi D,

I appreciate your taking the time to explain the project. I'm excited to get started. If you go ahead and use your client-side Upwork interface to send an official offer, I will accept it immediately and then I can get started or continue discussing the project in more detail, whichever you prefer.





He keeps forcing me to answer his questions This time I said NO then he insulted me and said I've wasted his time I'm like ARE YOU SERIOUS?  he's now sending threats "I'll get you removed from upwork" and stuff.


I did take some screenshots

What do you guys think?

Thank you


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Don't spend tme with people like that.


Block him and move on.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Alijafar,

I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had with this client.

Feel free to send me the evidence via PM and our team will investigate it further, proper actions will be taken as well. Thank you.

~ Goran

For the record:

The original poster is describing the behavior of someone who is a bad client.


The client was asking for free work by asking the freelancer to provide consultation for free.


This is inappropriate behavior. This is the mark of a bad person.


I have consulted with clients many times. Sometimes a freelancer needs to be a little bit proactive to encourage the client to send an official hire offer so that the freelancer can be paid for his consultation services.


But on many occasions I have had clients send me invitations to talk about projects, and the clients would schedule a time to talk, and they themselves insisted on sending an official hire offer and having me log time during our discussion.


There are many clients out there who DO understand how this should work. Freelancers should give all clients the opportunity to do the right thing.

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