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Unprofessional Client

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Alijafar K Member Since: Mar 12, 2017
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Hello Guys,

Hope everyone is doing Great. I got hired on this Job I've been working on for a week I'm almost through with job like 10% remaining out of 100 The Client changed the logging details of the site He promised to send me the logging details to finish the work I've been sending him messages through Upwork and skype it's been more a month now  He's not responding I've told him if there's anything wrong lets discuss and find the best solution I even asked if he wants to change the project or anything But he never replies He always read all my messages on skype I can see the read icon maybe on Upwork also because I can see him online both upwork and skype. Should I end the Contract? if I end the contract will it affect my JSS? is it ok as per upwork regulations to do so?




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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Have you been paid anything yet?  Assuming you have, your can close the job yourself, A job with no feedback won't affect your JSS unless you have a lot of them. Or you can just leave it open (as long as you've gotten paid) in case the client comes back. 


If you haven't been paid yet, click the Submit Work/Request Payment button. Then just wait. The client will either dispute that request, ask for changes, release payment or will do nothing. If they don't respond, then in 14 days whatever is in escrow, (assuming escrow was/is FULLY funded) will be automatically released to you. If you've already clicked on the Submit Work button, don't click on it again as it will set the 14 day timer back to the beginning.