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Unresponsive Client on Funded Milestone

I recently landed a gig, two Milestone, both are funded. The client in the first asked me to wait for feedback before proceeding with the main job. They already funded the main Milestone, but last communication was last week Thursday. I've left several messages but no replies. No idea if they're ghosting me or just don't have time to respond. Do I finish the job & submit it to the paid Milestone, or just place it at the bottom of my list?


The client also said they needed this job done within a specific period. 

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Have you submitted the first milestone? Is that what you are waiting to hear back about? 

If so, if you wait without resubmitting the milestone (which resets the 14-day count) and that milestone was funded, that milestone's funds should be released to you on the 15th day. 


Don't do additional work on the task until the milestone for that work is funded and activated.


If you have sent them work but not submitted it through the formal process to activate the milestone associated with the work. Send them a note explaining that you are doing so now and that they will have 14-days to review the work and request changes before their account is automatically charged for the amount funded. 

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