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Unresponsive Client with no new tasks over 3 months: Should I close the contract?

Hello, my fellow freelancers! 

Hope you all are doing well!

I need a suggestion regarding one of my clients as I am very confused. My contract started in February and the client had a good share of work. It is an hourly contract with a 20hrs limit per week.  The work lasted till April 26th. After that, I waited till 9th May and messaged my Client to inquire if there were new tasks for me, to which he responded "there's a little dull in the activity atm, will let you know when I have something else for you to work on."

A whole month passed and I heard back from him on June 9th with a few hours of task. Completed the task by 14th June, and haven't heard back from the Client till now again. I also sent him a followup message, to which he didn't respond. I also noticed that he hired two more freelancer back in May though the intial job post was for one VA. 

I am not sure whether to wait for him to come with more work or close the contract? 

I would really appreaciate your suggestions! 

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