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Unresponsive Client

I got a project from **(Removed org name)** (via Upwork and i was selected as a candidate. After that "Client" advised me to add her via skype. So she told me about the project, was given a task and started the job. (I'm not sure how this works because it's my first project here at upwork so i did it) 2 days past and i'm still tagged as a candidate but i'm actually doing the project 4-5 hours a day. after a week of working i started to get worried, because i'm not being updated on how i get paid, and i'm still tagged as a candidate via upwork. Please help me with this as i've been working hard for this person and i'm not getting any response ever since. 


you're never getting paid

you got suckered into working for free

Lex Joseph:


This was not a real job. You will not receive any money.


But that's okay!


You have learned much from this experience. You made many mistakes, but many newbies (who don't read the instructions) do the same. So don't take it personally, and don't let it get you down.

In the future, you will never work without an official Upwork contract in place.


Always look here:

Upwork -> My Jobs -> My Jobs


If no contract is listed there, you don't work for that client.

Yeah, looks like it. Learned from my mistake though. I'm just new in Upwork and i got excited and everything. Will never happen again. Thanks for responding to my post. 

Hi Lex,


Thank you for your report. I will forward this to our Team for further checking and appropriate action towards the client.


Both Preston and Jennifer are right. In the future, please do not start doing work unless you get hired. You will also receive a notification once the contract has started and find the contract details under your My Jobs tab.



I'm laughing about some of the funny things in your transcripts.


Lex Joseph, did you ever wonder why the "client" spelled "Skype" with extra spaces between the letters:


"S k y p e"


She (or maybe "he" - you don't really know) was communicating with you at that time via the Upwork messenger tool, and she was asking you to communicate with her via Skype instead of using Upwork, in order to keep your conversation secret, so Upwork would not be able to moniter her tricking you into working for free.

Yup. you're definitely right, i trusted too much and i was excited working for clients that i didn't think twice or suspect anything sketchy about it. Not gonna happen again though, i've learned from my mistakes. Just move forward and hope for the best next time. 

Thanks for the reply, She actually sent another message saying that she'll still finalizing stuff and would send "us" (the others that she hired) the contract as soon as she can. I'll never work for her again though unless the contract will reflect on my profile / account. Thanks again for responding to my post. 

ok so tell her you'll resume once she gets her **bleep** together and sends payment for this week.